Monday, April 11, 2011

Reviews on CROM Martial Training

We can't thank our students enough for all the glowing reviews they posted on Yelp and various sites.  We truly value our community and the students who have become friends and family at our school.  We are truly blessed!!  

Here's a few:
Tricia C

I usually hate the gym.  I have a serious fear of exercise all together.  When I started this gym in January I was completely out of shape, had trouble with physical exertion, especially climbing a flight of steps, and was eating my way into plus sizes. However, I was hooked after my first ladies boxing class. I had never boxed before, I h

ad never even had a fight before, heck, I'd never even yelled at anyone before, but I didn't need any of those skills when I walked in.  I just needed to be ready for an hone

st workout.  I got that and so much more.  Now, not only am I returning two my 'two years ago' weight, but I am building stamina, boxing skills and self esteem with each session.  I truly value CMT because it has helped me to arrive at a place emotionally that I had lost all hope of finding!

Cortney W.

I have joined EVERY gym (yes every single one), but I have never, ever felt as comfortable nor at ease as at Crom Martial Training.  This family owned business is a great asset to all it's members and the community that it serves.  

I started with CROM when it was based in Manhattan.  I've recently returned to their Queens location and took a ladies boxing class.  I asked myself all throughout the class why I had left!   Sarah, is an exceptional teacher for the ladies boxing class.  She is patient, yet pushes you to give it your all.   The ladies in the class were all returning students who had a wonderful energy as well.  Chris is equally dedicated & also an excellent instructor.  He brings an expertise that is unparalleled.

CROM Martial Training is THE place to come to get in shape & stay in shape!  It is good for all ages, shapes, & sizes!


Jason A

Rockaway is its own little corner of New York; not really too far but often overlooked.  The beach and boardwalk are there, some great restaurants, and what seems to be a fitness revolution going on.  They just had a St. Patrick's Day 5K with local businesses participating, there're a few standard gyms and what looks like a great hot yoga studio.  All set against the surf.  If you let it, the whole neighborhood will let you feel like getting healthy.

At the center of it all is Chris Romulo's new, clean martial arts facility.  Though the space and the equipment are brand new, it's impossible to escape the gym's old school feel.  Even as you approach you can hear the sounds of the pads, the music, and the timer.  The fogged-up windows foretell what's waiting inside.

Six days of varied classes -- muay thai, boxing, and strength and conditioning, all taught by Chris or Sarah.  The kids' classes are affordable and everyone is included -- no one is stuck in a corner.  They learn discipline and respect not because it is drilled into their heads, but because they're learning from someone who is passionate about what he's teaching them.  There is a major difference between being forced to respect a person because "mom dropped me off here" and learning to respect a sport/art because of how much it has done for so many people.  Crom Martial training has it right.

The adults are the proof.  I suspect there will be a bunch more glowing reviews, but until that time I can tell you that over the years we've all seen Chris as teacher, fighter, and friend.  People have lost weight, gained strength, even worked through nagging injuries.  Some just wanted to be able to say they trained in muay thai, others in boxing or MMA, others want to get in the ring.  They all had to earn it.  Personally I am getting more into strength and conditioning lately and Chris is always learning more and teaching more.  This gym has olympic rings, kettlebells, even a large drum partly filled with water (my favorite -- hoist THAT over your head and keep it there, and every second is like 50 crunches).

Now with Sarah, an experienced boxer teaches the women's classes and has a devoted following.  Everyone is welcome in her classes and there is no barrier to entry.  The gym's entire vibe is welcoming, and it's no surprise that absolute beginners continue to come back.

I recommend you try it out on a weekend.  Take a class, hang around and talk to others, jump in the surf afterwards, go for a run if you still can.  It's a chance to be a part of something new and exciting.  Something hundreds of years old!  

Jerwin F

The training and atmosphere in the gym is just great because the teachers and students respect each other regardless if you've been training for a while or just starting. i have only been training since december but i have enjoyed every single training session i have had. chris and sarah are very nice people and some of the best trainers me and my wife have had in the martial arts world.

 Sony F.

 I love this place. I've trained at a bunch of different gyms in the city and Queens. Even though I am a part of a different stable, I try to stop by Crom Martial Training every chance I get! Chris is an amazing fighter/trainer: all you need to do is google his fights or see his students compete to know that. Even if you're not competition oriented, the classes are great to get in shape. Aside from that, the way that Chris and Sarah run the establishment is second to none. It's hard to describe, but CMT just has that... family feel. They are super welcoming and friendly. These are two people who truly love the sports of boxing and muay thai and it shows in their training, teaching and all the involvement Chris undertakes as one of our best ambassadors for the sport. The facility is also brand new and super clean, which is always a plus! I can't recommend this place enough! Give it a shot. After all "All it takes is heart"!!!  

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