Thursday, December 31, 2009


CROM MARTIAL TRAINING proudly launches its Kids & Teens Muay Thai program mon 1/11/10!!

CROM Martial Training
108-13 Rockaway Beach Drive
Rockaway Beach, NY 11694



The CROM Kids & Teens program is geared towards students between the ages of 9-17 who are looking to learn authentic Muay Thai in a fun, yet safe learning environment. Attribute training will be the focus of this program where students will learn to enhance their body’s natural abilities: balance, timing, coordination, and speed. Like the adult Muay Thai program, training involves shadowboxing, skipping rope, bag work, partner drills, various conditioning, and Muay Thai pad work. Students will learn discipline and respect for their training partners, teachers, and themselves.

The classes at CROM Martial Training encourage students to work as a team, learn persistence, patience, dedication, and integrity while pursuing a path that transforms them into spirited boxers and martial artists. Classes are grounded in the goal of achieving technical skill, but are also balanced with focused conditioning. The end result is that students become not only skilled practitioners, but truly mentally and physically in tune with their bodies through a superior blend of technical, cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength training. Our team is proud of the fact that class is a place where students can feel as though they are a part of a family by building community, teamwork, and friendly competition. We all sweat and work hard together to achieve our maximum potential!

CROM MT facility GRAND OPENING January 11, 2010

MON 1/11/09
It's official...CROM Martial Training will be having its grand opening in our new facility on Rockaway Beach
Monday January 11, 2010.

CROM Martial Training
108-13 Rockaway Beach Drive
Rockaway Beach, NY 11694

Kids & Teens Muay Thai 4-5pm
Adult Boxing 6- 7:15pm
Adult Muay Thai 7:15-8:30pm

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, learn a martial art, relieve some stress, or become a competitive martial artist or boxer, CROM Martial Training can give you the right tools.

Every student of CMT becomes part of a team of individuals who are aiming to reach their goals. Authentic muay thai and boxing instruction will be the focus of CMT’s classes. Chris “Mr. Classic” Romulo aka CROM will utilize his knowledge from years of teaching, training and prize fighting to guide the children, teens and adults of the Rockaways and all around.

CMT is located in the heart of The Rockaway peninsula, just steps from the Atlantic Ocean with about 7 miles of beautiful boardwalk to inspire pre-training runs. The facility is located between 108th & 109th streets on Rockaway Beach Drive and is accessible by public transportation or car. CMT is housed with in the Team Renzo Gracie Rockaway Jiu Jitsu Academy. For moreinfo on Team Renzo Gracie Rockaway Jiu Jitsu Academy visit their website:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

CROM Martial Training Facility in Rockaway Beach

CROM Martial Training has found a new home in Rockaway Beach! The CMT bootcamp was a hit out here for the warm months of spring and summer. Now we are looking to bring that same intensity from the boardwalk/beach to the confines of our gym space. We will, along side Rockaway BJJ, be teaching our muay thai and boxing classes(indoors) to kids, teens and adults coming this December...a competition team is also on the horizon!

The facility is located in the heart of Rockaway Beach at:
108-13 Rockaway Beach Drive
Rockaway Beach, NY 11694

CROM 101

Hello and welcome to the CROM Martial Training blog, and home to Christopher "Mr. Classic" Romulo AKA CROM! I am a professional Muay Thai competitor and Mixed Martial Artist as well as a teacher and trainer. I have competed for the last 15 years in the most distinguished martial art known as Muay Thai earning an amateur record of 18-3-1 (7) and a professional record of 10-1 (8). I was blessed to have won the following titles so far in my career:
*2004 WMC-IFMA Muay Thai World Cup Bronze Medalist
*2004 WKA North American Muay Thai Champion
*2004 WKA US National Muay Thai Champion
*2003 WKA US National Muay Thai Champion
*2003 WKA NY State Muay Thai Champion

I am currently working on making my transition to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts with the Strikeforce promotion and plan to be on the forefront, bringing Muay Thai in and making accurate striking more appreciated!