Monday, January 24, 2011


FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS NYC had its season opener for 2011 this past January 14th featuring a packed house with a full card of muay thai and amateur boxing. There were a lot of great pro and amateur match ups through out the night with our very own "Mr. Classic" headlining the show. Friday Night Fights NYC imported Alexandre Lavrushin with Cool Hearts Muay Thai out of Philly VIA Russia. Alexandre is a former national russian champion in Ashihara Karate while currently making waves in the muay thai world.

With both fighters understanding the international scope of this match up the fireworks were set off early in the bout. Chris came out as usual, trying to get a feel for his opponent with carefully placed shots and using his left leg as a rangefinder. Alexandre feeling the pressure of the foreign crowd wasted no time trying to set the pace. He brought his european style of muay thai with strong hands setting up his low kick attack. Chris felt comfortable working out of long range using his left leg and footwork to keep his distance. First round could have gone either way.

In the 2nd round the pace intensified as Alexandre ended the round with a strong right hand putting Chris on uneasy feet, backing him up against the ropes. Before the end of the round Chris was dropped with a furious flurry resulting in a standing eight count from his russian opponent. Making his way back to the corner, Chris was now behind in the fight. Both fighters came out in the 3rd round with a sense of urgency. Early in the 3rd round, Alexandre now in full throttle, landed a heavy left knee in the clinch on the chin of Mr. Classic, dropping Romulo to his knees for another standing 8 count. By the count of 6 Romulo was determined to finish what he started. Finishing the round, Romulo knew that there was only one way to win the fight.

Regaining his composure through the 3rd round gave Romulo the confidence necessary to go on the counter attack for the last couple of rounds. With his head now clear and Alexandre low on gas, Mr. Classic started to show how he earned his name. Staying technical and true to form, Romulo was able to start sending the Russian back on his heels and put the crowd on their toes. Romulo outlasted his Russian counterpart to the very last bell but unfortunately there wasn't enough time. Romulo lost an unanimous decision to the game Alexandre Lavrushin.

Mr. Classic put action behind his school's motto "All it takes is heart" on this evening and gave the crowd a performance they surely won't forget. With his 2nd loss on record, Romulo is eager to get back to the drawing board and make 2011 another year of representing muay thai to the fullest.

Another goal of Romulo's for 2011 is leaving his school's mark through his newly formed competition team. On January 15th, Melvin Vega fought his first official fight as a CROM Martial Training representative. Melvin Vega is a dedicated student of CMT training in all ranges proving himself to be a mixed martial artist. On saturday night at Gleason's he tested himself against yet another russian opponent, out of Fight Factory in Brighton Beach. Melvin came to CMT as an 0-1 boxer but that night he proved that he has learned a lot since his 1st loss. Melvin Vega proved to be more technical, in better shape, and with a bigger heart, outpointing his opponent for a majority decision. Vega showed why a consistent body and head attack is a crucial component to the sweet science. Congratulations Melvin- you've made CMT proud!

And finally, this saturday evening, 1/29/11 come out and support David Sanchez as he represents CROM Martial Training in his amateur debut Saturday 1/29/11 at Muay Thai Challenge War 5 at the World Wide Boxing Gym in the Bronx.

Date & Time: Saturday @ 1/29/11 - Doors open @ 6, Show begins @ 7:30

Location: World Wide Boxing Gym 3134 Jerome Ave. Bronx, NY

Ticket info: Available at the door for $35.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Chris "Mr. Classic" Romulo named WKA Fighter of the Month

I am blessed to start of the new year with such great recognition from the WKA as Fighter of the Month. The story below is copied from
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Like many of our champions, Chris Romulo first became interested in traditional martial arts when he was a child. His father was a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and after many visits to the dojo, Chris decided to try it out at the age of eight: “I was hooked from the first day!” From there, Chris went on to practice his primary art, Muay Thai, as well as boxing, wrestling, BJJ, MMA, and Escrima.

Chris got into Muay Thai in 1996 under Sitsutam “Tommy Thai” Watcharanantakul, an ex-fighter from Thailand, under whom Chris first fought. Unfortunately, Watcharanantakul moved back to Thailand, forcing Chris to seek another trainer. Romulo then trained and fought under full contact champion Francisco Burgos. After a brief hiatus from training to spend time with his newborn son, Chris trained and competed for a couple years in shoot boxing under Geoff Roesch, finally returning to Muay Thai at Ultimate Gym under Ajarn Prasit Thong Dong from Saktaywan Muay Thai Camp in Thailand. However, after only one fight, Chris once again lost his instructor, as Ajarn Prasit left the US to go back to Thailand.

In 2003, a string of fortunate happenings led Duke Roufus student Jason Strout to New York. Romulo and Strout found themselves training side-by-side, and, recognizing the potential, Romulo asked Strout to stay in New York indefinitely to be his coach. The pair ended up at Church Street Boxing Gym, working together and developing Church Street’s Muay Thai program. An eight-year training relationship developed a trust and confidence between coach and fighter that helped Chris build his spectacular record of 18-3, with 7 KOs as an amateur and 13-1, with an amazing 10 wins by KO, as a professional. Chris cites Strout’s knowledge and skill as a coach as a major inspiration and catalyst to his own fighting and teaching.

About a year ago, Romulo opened his own gym, CROM Martial Training, to bring Muay Thai to a neighborhood in Rockaway beach that Chris loves but which, he admits, has few options for keeping youth off the streets and out of trouble. Chris’s impetus for much of his own program is to fill this need. He is a spokesperson for Bullying: We’re Kicking It!, and through this program, he speaks at many schools in New York and New Jersey, talking to kids about growing up and how martial arts helped him keep safe and focused. In addition to helping local youth find new paths, Chris wants to increase the prestige of his gym by providing quality training and developing a respected fight team.

Though running a gym and training fighters keeps Romulo quite busy enough, he endeavors to maintain the integrity of his school by continuing his own very successful fight career, fighting consistently despite his busy teaching schedule. He eagerly anticipates his next fight against Russian fighter Alexander Lavrushin on Justin Blair’s next Friday Night Fights card on January 14th, 2011. Later, he looks forward to rematching Canadian Alex Ricci, Romulo’s first and only professional loss and only loss by KO. Chris looks at this fight as a test of his immense growth over the past four years, when the two first fought.
Something that always stands out about Chris at fights is his performance of the Ram Muay and Wai Kru. Anyone who has seen this performance—or even a photograph of it—can tell that this is about more than just fighting to him. Says Chris of his own attitude to the sport and to competing: “I don’t look at competing solely as fighting. I view it as a true expression of my soul. I love to win, but more importantly I like to leave an impression. Like a painter, I always try to create the ultimate masterpiece on the canvas.”

Best of luck to Chris with his gym and his upcoming fights, and we eagerly look forward to seeing him defend his WKA Professional North American Middleweight Title, which he won over Sean Hinds in May of 2010.

CROM makes his return to the ring- Friday, January 14th, 2011

Mr. Classic is set to make his return to the ring where he will meet up with Russian champ Alexander Lavrushin on January 14th, 2011. Lavrushin is a well respected competitor from the Eastern block who is looking to leave a mark. CROM is prepared to welcome his opponent with heart felt intention in this muay thai battle.

WHAT: Friday Night Fights NYC Main Event
Chris "Mr Classic" Romulo VS. Alexander Lavrushin
WHERE: The Hall at St. Paul
Columbus Ave.@ 60th St.
WHEN: Friday, January 14th, 2011
Doors open: 7:30 pm
First bell: 8:00 pm
WHY: Come support an international showcase of talented fighters from the state and abroad.
HOW: Contact for tickets