Tuesday, October 12, 2010


2010 has been a year that will leave a mark in our memories for decades to come. Though this year has not yet come to a close, we have one more vision that has begun to take shape. For as long as Chris has been teaching and studying martial arts himself, he has always wanted a place to call his own. CROM Martial Training has spent almost a year on Rockaway Beach making a name for itself. Within this year we have accomplished many goals and the ultimate has now become a reality.

Scheduled for November 1st, 2010, CROM Martial Training will open its doors to the Rockaways, NYC, and around in a new location that we can call home. We now have 1,300 square feet of space to fill with everything a martial arts, boxing, and physical training gym can have. Our space will be filled with a 16 x 16 foot ring, sitting as the centerpiece of CMT, and surrounded by top quality MMA mats. Lining the rest of the gym will be various muay thai and boxing bags just waiting to be broken in. Our strength and conditioning equipment will include home made medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbells, climbing ropes, gymnastic rings, and chin up bars which will supply plenty of tools for many of the new classes added to our roster. By mid November you can expect to see CROM MT operating 6 days a week, with new classes such as MMA, Women's boxing, and Strength and Conditioning for starters. Our goal is to provide old school training in a throw back gym balanced with the up-to-date fitness methods for no-frills results.

All this would not be possible with out the the help from students that we can now consider part of the CROM family! Big thanks to Chris & Brody Quinn, David Sanchez, Mike Sapirstein, Tom aka "Cloudy", Eddie Marini, Kieran Rogers, Charlie, and Roger Vargas.

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