Friday, January 22, 2010

What folks have to say about CROM MT!

Having practiced the art of Muay Thai for a few years now, I was excited to hear that CROM-MT was coming to my own home, Rockaway Beach. During the Rockaway Beach Boot Camp hosted by CROM-MT, I found Chris Romulo to be one of the most attentive, patient, and efficient trainers I have worked with to date. His attention to detail and focus on his students guarantees a deeper understanding of the art, faster muscle memory of each move and confidence in executing them. He also incorporates a sense of teamwork in his classes and reminds us to acknowledge one another as a teammate. I never feel like I worked out with a bunch of strangers as one would usually feel in any other gym.

CROM-MT just recently opened up it's home base right on 108th St, cementing it's stay in Rockaway. I feel that this will now become my second home, and I look forward to not only the extensive training to come, but to meeting more people in my community. Another plus is the miles long boardwalk that we can utilize to further our training in the upcoming summer months. Overall, I feel lucky to have this opportunity so close to home!

Suleyca Coppin, 26
Rockaway Beach

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